An Authentic Experience with
Essential Oils

100% PURE & NATURAL Essential Oils Produced in Madagascar, Morocco and the Balkans
Organic Certified and Conventional

Premium Oils for Your Brand

Malagassi produces and distributes high-quality essential oils to health and beauty brands around the world.

Our products are grown through sustainable farming methods and are distilled using natural and authentic extraction techniques, ensuring unmatched production quality for our clients and the customers they serve.

Exceptional Oils. Sustainable Practices.

We produce incredible fragrances that your customers will love using ethical and sustainable methods that your customers support.

Plante Malagassi

Pure & Natural

All oils we produce are certified pure and natural, meaning that they are distilled directly from the plant with no additives or additional substances which could modify the original chemical composition of the oil.  We bottle nothing but the result of the distillation process.

Liquide Malagassi

Complete Traceability

From root to bottle, we understand how our products are made.  That is because we control our own supply chain — from start to finish.  The oils we sell were grown in our fields by farmers we’ve known for 25 years.  We can stand behind the authenticity of our product because we grew it ourselves!


Quality-based Distillation Process

We distill for quality, not quantity.  Our steam distillation process liquifies and purifies the organic matter grown in our fields into a product that we’re proud to sell.  We start the distillation process at the best fire temperature and stop as soon as the chemical composition of the distilled begins to weaken.  This process is unique to our operation and has been carefully calibrated through years of experience.

We aim to work with brands who understand the value of a quality product and want to deliver a premium experience to the customers they serve.

For us, that journey starts on a farm in Madagascar where the farmers who grow our products and distill the raw material into essential oils.  Those relationships are the key to our success, and they’re part of what makes our process so unique.

Our brand is built on the strategic and long-term partnerships that we’ve built over the 25 years that we’ve been in business.  During that time, we’ve invested heavily in our farmers and their wellbeing. We have helped them develop new fields, build new distilleries, and install fences and security to help them protect their livelihoods.

Their success and wellbeing, as well as that of the land which produces our crops, is important to us.  We provide advice on what they should grow and help them sell their products to businesses that support what they do.

When you work with Malagassi, you can expect an outstanding experience because you’re helping every part of our organization, from our farmers to our CEO, continue to thrive and flourish.

How we do it

Growing a product and bringing it to market is no easy task.
Here’s how it works:


1.  Farmers in Madagascar partner with us to plan and grow the raw organic materials for distillation.

2.  Our team works alongside our farmers during key strategic periods to oversee product and educate new farmers in our production techniques.

3.  Premium oils are extracted through our unique steam distillation process and bottled for transport.

4.  The product travels from our farms to our distribution center for a final quality check before it is shipped to businesses around the world for use in their own products and services.

Why we're expert

We Work On The Ground

We regularly visit throughout the year.  During strategic moments of harvest, distillation, and plantation, we’re on hand at the farms where our products are grown to help guide and oversee the process.  We control every aspect of the supply chain until the product arrives at your place of business.

We Build Strong Relationships

We know our farmers by name.  Some have been with us since we first opened our doors.  Since then, we’ve continued to invest consistently in their communities.  Those relationships matter. Not only do they help us create better products; they ensure that we continue to be good stewards of our environment.

We Know Our Plants

From ylang-ylang and ravintsara to clove buds and cinnamon bark, we maintain a deep understanding of the plants used to make our oils.  We know how to grow and care for them, as well as the best way to distill, bottle, and package them. Whether you’re looking for advice on which plants can best suit your needs or you’re curious about the harvesting period of a wildcrafted shrub, we can tell you what you want to know.

About us

A family company with a passion for nature

Malagassi has worked to advice and support independent farmers in Madagascar, Morocco, Europe, and the Balkans for nearly 25 years to produce the premium quality essential oils in a competitive and strategist way.

Our expertise has allowed us to invest in the regions where our products are grown while cultivating lasting friendships with the men and women who do the work.

We care about our people and our environment and our product.  Our mission is to share that passion with others around the world.

Get In Touch

We’re actively looking to connect with distributors in the US who align with our goals and values. If you would like to learn more about our product and our distribution policies, please get in touch.